The MIT Energy Club at Sloan is a student led organization charged with creating unique opportunities for MBA students to engage the energy industry.  Concentrating on the financial and business aspects of the energy and power sector, from conventional to alternative resources, we equip our members to take on important leadership positions in the industry upon graduation.  Leveraging MIT’s reputation as a thought-leader in energy innovation, we have unparalleled access to educational and networking opportunities with leaders in the field. We offer our members career development and career placement resources taking advantage of our extensive alumni contacts and close access to many prominent companies in the industry.  We serve the broader MIT community by hosting educational seminars and forums to explore cutting edge industry developments and track important trends.

Our club was formerly known as the Sloan Energy and Environment Club, but as of May 2011, our club has joined forces with the MIT Energy Club and we have renamed ourselves the MIT Energy Club at Sloan.